Fundamentals of NLP

Fundamentals of NLP

The quality of our lives are determined by our ability to influence. Your limitations are only an illusion! You might be at a point in your life — personally and/or professionally — where you say ”Something has to change; I can’t continue like this…” but you don’t even know where to begin. Well, start right here!
Approx: 14 hours
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NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Intensive Practitioner

How do people who are experts at what they do become so good, how do they maintain and exceed that level throughout time? Model and adopt the very behavioral patterns of successful people and use these strategies in the pursuit of your activities, your passions, and your mission in life.
5 days
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NLP Group Coaching


Are you upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do? Time to change that!
Know your WHY, your WHAT, your HOW, and your WHAT IF.  The combination of NLP & Gestalt is rarely used; it gives you the best of both worlds: Strategic steps to your defined freedom in a safe environment with a listening ear and an intuitive heart for you to learn all the tools you need to take action.

NLP Crossroads

The Crossroads of NLP

This exclusive course is for our NLP practitioners that are asking themselves: NLP – NOW WHAT?
An interactive course with learning and application all in one, the Knights of the Round Table NLP course


Your investment: $4,997

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NLP Master

NLP Master

“NLP Practitioner is like learning to read music. NLP Master is like playing by ear.”
Train your ear, so your thoughts and your mouth will follow. Become more artful and discerning with the abilities you already have while you learn a whole new set of wide-ranging skills, organizing principles, and perceptions. This training will take your professional and personal evolution to new levels of artistry, specificity and subtlety.
Approx. 4 weekends
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Your investment: $5,497

NLP Corporate Training

NLP Corporate Training

All individuals and teams as a whole: sales teams, customer service teams, membership care teams, sales in retail or online sales, are in need of more choice and flexibility  in communication to BEST serve the client/customer/visitor to result in the desired outcome. Too many teams are not aware of efficient training like the NLP training for teams. They end up loosing deals, customers and money. But actually worse: by not implementing NLP strategies your team members are actually spoon-feeding your competition by a rate of 3 to 1. With the NLP bespoke corporate training we first identify where your biggest pain point lies, train your team members to listen on a 4D level with the NLP strategies and anchor in success strategies that provide choice and flexibility for most productive communication and actions. All within our interactive, hands-on and accelerated learning techniques.

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Train The Lead – Lead The Trainer

Train The Trainer

How does Oprah do it? What makes Tony Robbins so unique? What do all influential speakers, MCs, trainers, and professionals do? They capture their audience with their expertise and own the room. In this course we decipher the most successful strategies of top influencers. You will learn the dos and don’ts for working and presenting from stage. You’ll walk away with a template for your next course or presentation.
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Your investment: $7,997

The Culture Mastermind

The Culture Mastermind

A higher room. A think tank. A tight community of global leaders. Our bespoke international mastermind program will take you to a special destination, for 5 days of intense cultural competency building and unique experiences.

Your investment: $9,997

Upcoming Mastermind Dates: tbd

Vision Board

Vision Board

Dreams don’t work unless you do — What does that even mean?

This fun and interactive workshop with a certified DREAM Coach and NLP Trainer to get you to dream – dream big, raise awareness what you are REALLY passionate about! You are WORTH it!
Approx.97 minutes

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Your investment: $297

NLP Success Laws

Your Laws to Success Checklist

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