The essential success patterns taught here are an absolute must to guarantee your success – your success in business, in sales, in your relationships, as a parent or as a student. You will thank us that you now have these skills to reach your higher level of personal excellence, especially in today’s challenging world.
Fortune 500 companies that we work with are raving fans about our strategies that we teach, the care we bring for individuals and their teams, the fun we integrate in our accelerated training rooms and the deep rooted skills and knowledge we base our courses on.
Once you glance over the variety of our classes you will develop a deeper desire to learn your success patterns for your personal growth and your professional success.
Before you take a step further in learning these valuable strategies, be certain that you really are in need of these life benefits that our courses teach. We care about each of our course participants and first and foremost build a relationship before you sign up for our classes. Please reach out to us for more information, for us to get to know each other. We are excited to learn more about you, please email or call the NLP Center at (423) 303-8432 today.

The qualities of our lives come down to the quality of our ability to influence our bosses, our clients, our children or ourselves.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful, highly advanced approach that explains effective communication. What differentiates those who succeed and those who fail depends on the strategies they use in today’s competitive world. Change occurs quicker now than it has ever happened in the past.
NLP is a way to achieve your goals in less time.

“Neuro” indicates that NLP includes the latest knowledge of how the human brain actually works. “Linguistic” refers to both the verbal and nonverbal elements of communication. “Programming” means recognition and understanding of human thought, communication styles and behavior.

Whether you are in business or sales, a counselor, a parent, a student or someone in search of health and healing, we can provide you with the skills to a higher level of personal excellence.

Gestalt therapy is concerned with how one is feeling in the “now” and focuses on guiding the individual to regain the lost part of his/her personality. As self-acceptance grows, the individual will be able to become more integrated and to move toward the Gestalt idea of wholeness – the balance of all that we are. Gestalt therapy deals strictly with the question of “being” rather than “having.” In Gestalt the process of maturing is seen as the development through environmental support to self-support.

The goal is to create a caring community where each individual’s values and beliefs are welcomed, to allow our thoughts, images, dreams, symbols and fantasies to invite us into the wonders of being immediately present through ever-changing awareness. Using the Gestalt approach each individual explores the meaning and purpose of his/her living experience now, the essence of life and growth, the joy or pain of stepping by faith into the unknown.

Gestalt therapy is a powerful, deep and gentle method which enables people to contact the boundaries of their existence at their own pace.

Our programs are open to everyone interested in the Gestalt approach as well as those desiring training for professional use.
No prior knowledge is required to attend workshops or groups.

We have developed a new curriculum of certified courses, workshops, and seminars, which include various levels of instruction, training, and coaching throughout the Neuro-Linguist Programming methodology:

Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP Practitioner Certification Course

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course

Individual and/or Group Coaching

Corporate Training 

Train the Trainer


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About the NLP Center of Atlanta

As humans we are hardwired for quality in person learning. At the renowned NLP Center of Atlanta, one of the world’s leading NLP training institutes, we care more about our participants and students and the quality skills and strategies we teach.

The institute was founded in 1986 by Leif Roland. In 2017 two of his legacy clients and mentees, Brigitta & Christian Hoeferle took on the torch of this incredible learning facility and became the new owners as grandmasters in 3 communication methodologies and master trainers from stage.

We are 100% committed to promote the evolution of human knowledge, communication and experience by recognizing, modeling and teaching patterns of creativity and personal excellence for better living, right now. At all times, our commitment is to maintain the highest standards of quality and professionalism to ensure that NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is communicated with responsibilities and the utmost respect for the integrity of the whole person.

Whether it be learning a few basic NLP skills or developing deeper expertise, we support our students in achieving whatever level of competence they desire. Once you explore the exciting world of NLP and learn about our institute, and you have your NLP questions answered, register for our courses or arrange for individual NLP coaching sessions.

The Gestalt Institute of Atlanta, which is integrated into the NLP Institute, was founded in 1986 by Leif Roland, and is devoted to the principles and philosophy of Gestalt therapy.By furthering professional involvement our programs are designed to assist the student in developing the necessary skills and knowledge through effective individual and group therapy to an understanding of the basic principles of Gestalt practice and to work as a Gestalt therapist with all of its aspects.This is achieved through a combination of interpersonal intensive systematic instruction, experiential exercise, demonstration, and other specially-designed sessions where students explore their own personal issues, heighten their awareness by directly experience Gestalt, so they can release personal issues and interact more effectively with others. for professional use.

Where Gestalt is very intuitive, the inner part, NLP serves as the supporting structure of its practice and is very intentional.

It is the balance of both that creates a strong frame work for a successful practice, business and life.